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Every individual is unique – and that means what you bring to the table is naturally unlike the others.

We help you find out what your Unique Selling Points (USPs) are in the market, against competitors and strategise a sustainable personal branding plan just for you.

While learning is fun and exciting, optimisation of application is crucial.

Upture believes in sustainability and optimising application of strategies we propose by guiding you and adjusting ideas along the way.

While there are already existing workshops and online courses relating to digital marketing and social media strategies, Upture doesn’t believe in a one-size-fit-all learning process. A guided learning and application process with constant optimisation is the heart of our consultancy.

Things you will learn
  • what your strengths in content creation are 
  • what your unique brand is as a self-employed individual
  • the way content is consumed on platforms 
  • the future of content consumption to prepare for new platforms
  • how competitors in your industry vertical are performing
  • your very own sustainable strategy for content creation across platforms
Skills you will acquire
  • identify your target market
  • identify your strengths as a professional
  • leveraging strengths through personalised content
  • optimising better impressions through social media
  • create quick content on-the-go
  • to edit images, create posters, banners and edit videos
  • strategise titling videos on Facebook and YouTube
  • build a long-term content strategy that accumulates your target audience
  • digital advertising campaign creation across different platforms
  • optimisation skills for digital advertising campaigns
  • optimisation skills for content strategy

With a strong foundation of understanding how social media and digital content works, there will be no need to worry about new social media platforms that you may find unfamiliar. This is aligned with consumer behavioural changes as the digital age evolves, and in fact this has been accelerated with COVID-19 enabling digital transformation across industries.

Find your unique voice with Upture today!
A free and non-obligatory consultation session: